Dholera Smart City is a Best Investment For You!

Dholera special investment region (DSIR) is a Greenfield industrial city planned and located approximately 100 km. south west of Ahmedabad. Dholera spans an area of approximately 920 sq. km. & the total sir will be completed in the next two decades, while land is ready for allotment in the area of development under 22 sq. km. It is strategically located between the industrial cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Bhavnagar.

Dholera’s Immediate city development area of approximately 5,600 acres is expected to be operational by 2019. It is envisaged to be world-class destination with excellent infrastructure. It will also have its own self-sustaining eco-system, while industry will be the main economic driver. The city will provide opportunities for the setting up of manufacturing units. While also aiming to provide an environment to Work.Live.Learn and Play. Dholera SIR will be a role model for future cities in India.


Delhi – Mumbai industrial Corridor (DMIC) is India’s most ambitious infrastructure program, Aiming to develop new industrial cities as “Smart Cities” and converging next generation technologies across infrastructure sectors. DMIC will emerge as a “Global Manufacturing and Trading Hub” over the next few years. Dholera will be the Largest Node On The DMIC and will most likely be the first smart city under the Delhi Mumbai industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC). It will have state-of-the-art utility & logistic infrastructure, social infrastructure including education, healthcare, other public amenities and much more.

Why Dholera

Advantages of Investment in Dholera SIR

  1. Price appreciation: the development of Dholera will be ongoing till 2040 so the scope of appreciation is very high.
  2. Rental Income: Due to high job creation, there will be a major demand for a residential property so the plot owner will able to get good rent.
  3. Job/Business Opportunities: There will be multiple opportunities for job/business seekers in upcoming largest smart city of India so you can have job/business at Dholera.
  4. High Quality of Life: Dholera smart city has the unique concept of live-work-play so the of life would be on comparable.

Dholera SIR area-920 Sq. km. It is divided in 6 Town Planning. It is Consisting of 22 villages of Taluka-Dholera. The District Ahmedabad are listed below:
1. Ambali
2. Kadipur
3. Bhadiyad
4. Gogla
5. Gorasu
6. Cher
7. Otariya
8. Dholera
9. Khun
10. Bhimtalav
11. Rahtalav
12. Mundi
13. Sandhida
14. Panchi
15. Mahadevpur
16. Bhangadh
17. Zankhi
18. Mingalpur
19. Bavaliyari
20. Sodhi
21. Sangasar
22. Hebatpur

ABCD Building of Dholera SIR

ABCD Building (Administrative and Business Centre of Dholera), which is smart city’s HUB. ABCD Building Monitoring Governance, Healthcare, Safety and Security, Education, Transportation, Industrial Growth, Utilities and Economy. Construction of this building done by Cube Construction Engineering Ltd.

DSIRDA Office:
  • Town Planning Office & Auditorium
  • City Mayor Office & SPV Offices
  • Control Rooms & Command Control Centre
  • Business and Exhibition Centre
Dholera Smart City

Dholera SIR Solar Power Plant

Gujarat is one of the most potential areas in terms of its huge solar generation capacity. It is once again set in motion with the implementation of probably the world’s largest solar plant.

Around 80km from Ahmedabad, Gujarat aims to establish India’s largest 5,000MV solar park in Dholera SIR [Special Investment Region].The State Government has given its acceptanceto the most promising project which will be located on 11,000 hectares of land along the Gulf of Khambhat in the DSIR. The land used for this solar plant will be of CRZ type 1[B], suitable for renewable energy generation. So, there will be no need for purchasing special land.

Dholera SIR Six Lane Expressway

A six lane dual carriageway highway shall be built with provisions to extend it up to 10 lanes in Gujarat Dholera Metro city. Initially, it shall be built in a 4 lane format with two lanes on each side and shall be further extended in due time. This project had been proposed in the master plan of the Delhi Mumbai. Industrial Corridor and approved by the central government and shall incur an estimated project cost of Rs. 900.39 crores.

Dholera SIR project shall be divided into six town planning schemes and shall be built in three different phases based on the economic activities that shall occur in each phase of development. The last of all phase is expected to get completed by 2040. By such time, Dholera Project shall be home to 2 million people. These people shall be supported by over 8 lakh employment opportunities that shall be generated from the industrial and manufacturing units that shall be developed in the city. As per sources, Dholera is being envisaged as a global trading and manufacturing hub.


Is it the right time to invest in Fortune Infra?

Yes, it is infact the right time to invest in our Properties because Dholera is going to become a Smart City soon and since its a lifetime investment, you wil not only enjoy the smart city facitilites but your investment will be fruitful in the near future as well. On top of that if anyone wants to setup the business, it is a right time because all the major public utitlites like highways, metro trains or airport is being built for smooth logisitics.

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